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MBA : programme

Core courses

  • Managing People and Organisations
  • Marketing
  • Cost Accounting and Management Control
  • Supply Chain Management
  • International Business Law
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Managerial Economics
  • Financial Accounting
  • Corporate Finance

10 electives

Anticipating Future (Re)Insurance Market Challenges (Berlin Campus)
  • Insurance Companies’ International Dimensions and Strategies (London Campus)
  • How to Cover Insurance Companies against Extreme Risks (Paris Campus)
  • Insurance Marketing and Distribution (Paris Campus)
  • New and Developing Challenges of Non-Life Insurance Markets (Paris Campus)
  • Asset Management for (Re)Insurers (Paris Campus)
  • Life Insurance Markets: Financial and Human Capital Challenges (Paris Campus)
  • Insurance Companies’ Challenges: Case Studies (Paris Campus)
  • Strategic Challenges of the Post-Crisis Financial Regulations: the Case of Insurance (Brussels)

International seminars

5 international seminars (Europe, Asia and the Americas)
  • Organisational Change and Leadership Induction Seminar (Paris)
  • European Business Environment Seminar (Brussels)
  • Regional Leadership Seminar (Choose from: China (Shanghai), Brazil (São Paulo & Rio de Janeiro) or India (New Delhi & Ahmedabad)
  • Innovation Management Seminar (USA)
  • Closing Seminar (Spain)
Week-long seminars who give the participants the opportunity to explore various themes related to specific business environments, and to share their knowledge and experience with their Executive MBA peers.

The International Consulting Project

Designed to provide participants with a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and intercultural work experience on a real-life strategic challenge, the International Consulting Project (ICP) puts into practice the concepts and theories acquired during the Executive MBA.
In groups, participants perform in-depth analysis of a situation or an issue faced by a company and make recommendations for actions that can realistically be implemented by the firm.
The 4 main types of International Consulting Projects
  • Analysis of an industry and new business opportunities
  • Reorganisation of a subsidiary or a department
  • Evaluation of consumer trends in light of product development
  • Implementation of a production unit or a business network

A program compatible with professional activity

The Executive MBA is highly customisable. Organised as a part-time programme lasting 18 to 30
months and based on 4 pillars, it is designed to meet the schedules of busy executives.



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