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MBA : financement

CPF: 178039  -  RNCP: 22739

Standard Tuition Fees:
•             Executive MBA (18 to 30 months) €56,000*
Tuition fees include:
-              520 teaching hours
-              All course books, materials and online modules
-              Accommodation costs for off-campus seminars
The following costs are not included:
-              Travel
-              Accommodation for core courses, electives and seminars on ESCP Europe campuses
•             General Management Programme (12 months). The 9 core courses of the Executive MBA : €21,500*
If you later decide to join the Executive MBA programme, you will then pay the remaining €34,500* fee.
* ESCP Europe is not subject to VAT for its training courses. All fees and class schedules are subject to modification.

12 merit-based scholarships worth €10,000 each are offered to our participants every year. They focus on 5 categories:
1.            Scholarship for Women Leaders: 6 scholarships are open to women whodemonstrate excellence in leadership and the ability to support the development of their female peers
2.            NGO/Not-for-Profit Scholarship: open to employees of an NGO or Not-for-Profit organization
3.            Scholarship for Entrepreneurs: open to entrepreneurs who have successfully launched a new Business
4.            Emerging Market Scholarship: open to all admitted nationals of an emerging market country and employed by a company whose headquarters are in their home country
5.            SME Scholarship: open to all company-sponsored employees of a small or medium-sized enterprise (based in Europe) with no more than 250 employees worldwide
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